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Stress, anxiety, trauma, feeling wiped out, low or generally challenged by life? Helping you move towards integration and resilience with therapies and practices that can help put you at ease, feel more emotionally balanced and connected to yourself and others, improve health, sleep, digestion and chronic pain.

Wherever you are in life, discovering the safety and joy of your essential nature is the feeling of coming home.

Offering 1:1 services to help you better navigate life and support you through times of challenge or transition.

I blend the time-tested tradition of Yoga with a modern neurobiology of trauma and Polyvagal Theory foundation to address the complexity of physical, psycho-emotional, social and spiritual imbalances that arises when life feels overhwelming, demanding and unsafe.

Your body mind is wise, resilient and knows exactly what you need in any moment. Learn how to listen to it with compassion and non-judgement and develop skills to feel at home in your body and in the world.


Registered Yoga Teacher (500hr), Yoga Therapy for PTSD & Anxiety, Certified iRest Meditation Teacher, TRE Provider (Trauma & Tension Release Exercise), IEMT Practitioner, Safe & Sound (SSP) Provider

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When women come together without judgement, with compassion and with a knowing that there is more to life, amazing things happen. Come to this circle if you are ready to be curious and radically honest with yourself. We use archetypes, embodiment practices and the power of like-minded community to support each other to learn and grow.

In this circle you…
Investigate and explore who you are and what it means to be a woman.
Peel away layers of cultural, societal and institutional conditioning.
Shine a compassionate light on habits and unconscious embodied states.
Rediscover parts of your self that have been silenced.

Through this you can…
Recognise the innate wisdom of your body.
Bring yourself back to balance and be more in harmony with who you truly are.
Experience greater safety and connection in your life.
Find self-acceptance and self-love.

Embodiment is the experience of being your body as an expression of self. It is about connection and your relationship with yourself, others and the world around you. It is also a set of skills that brings greater self-awareness. When you have conscious awareness, you create choice.

The wise woman is a mature woman who has lived through life’s challenges. She stands at the crossroads and is in process of letting go, ageing gracefully and rediscovering her voice and place in the world. The wise woman trusts her intuition. She knows her shadow and embraces her feminine and masculine, light and darkness, to find inner peace, joy and love.

In this circle we meet as equals, supporting each other to embody The Wise Woman. It’s a journey…

Are you ready? RSVP below for details.

About: Welcome


4A Church Street, Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2EH

+44 7894 980 746

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